Caregiver responsibilities have a large impact on many employees. Employers who make Caregiver Resources available to their employees allows the employee to meet their personal obligations and employers retain productive employees.

“The aggregate costs of care giving in lost productivity to U.S. businesses. . .is $33 billion per year.” The MetLife Study of Employer Costs for Working Caregiver, 2006.

The CaregiverLinks Program allows the employer to offer a value-added benefit and keep employees as productive as possible.  More pressure is being places on employees to be productive as our economy changes.  This program will benefit both the employer and employee.


Each employee will have access To Resource Specialists throughout the year, related to personal caregiver issues..

A Resource Specialist will respond to all contacts within 24 hours and provide referrals for services or benefit programs pertinent to the situation.

Additional services include monthly Caregiver Seminars, arranged presentations for the employer.  There is no limit to the number of Seminars the employees can attend.

Brochures, Posters, Company Newsletter Articles and other publications will be made available to employers.  This will keep this important benefit in front of employees and provide important information to the employee.


The CaregiverLinks Program is designed as an employee benefit program with a subscription fee, paid by the employer.

Fees are per employee and invoiced monthly to the employer.  This benefit will be the most cost-effective an employer could ever offer.

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