CRG Presentations

The following presentations are offered to those in the community who are interested in planning for future needs.


Caregiver Support.  This offering is designed for persons who anticipate or are involved in assisting a loved one through their life journey. Topics include, relationships, communication, planning, support, resources, housing options, legal and business issues.

Best if used as small format of under 20 individuals. This allows for more discussion and sharing of experiences.

Facing Change – Making Choices.  This offering is designed for persons who want to discuss areas of living that they will need to plan as changes occur in their lives. This seminar is designed to stimulate discussion on areas of daily living including, housing, medical, transportation, legal, nutrition and finances.

Starting the Conversation.  It can be difficult to get back into a loved one’s life after years of independence. Methods are presented and discussed that will help re-enter their lives and become an effective support person. Emphasis on inter-personal relationships and communication techniques.

Planning Ahead – Avoiding Crisis. The immediate problems can be overwhelming, especially if there is no plan in place to handle situations. This offering includes development of a Life Plan and on-going support as the plan in developed.


Fee-Based. $75.00 to establish the Life Plan.

                             $25.00 per hour as on-going support is provided.

     Contact Info:

 Caregiver Resources Group, LLC
Mr. Chris Cremean, LSW
419 206-5979
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