Of the biggest reasons, people will not consider using services is cost. We want to save for “future” needs or deny our needs for others. Inheritance for loved ones, possible needs of a spouse, etc. Many times, we do not achieve this goal because we deny ourselves services. A good example of this is when someone will not accept minimal services to assist them stay in their homes, increasing need more assistance, go into a nursing home for long-term care and spend all their assets for the higher care delivery. If they had paid the lower amount for services at home, they could have delayed moving to a higher cost placement and increased their chances to have assets to pass on to their heirs.

People will plan when they are younger by buying life insurance when they have more obligations with family, etc., but not consider protection of their assets as they reach retirement years.  Financial planning needs to be on-going. Waiting until a life change occurs is too late and will then become a crisis.

Consulting with a Financial Planner allows one to invest wisely, put protection in place that will lessen the financial impact of increased care needs as they occur. This would apply to assets, investments, savings, and real estate.