There are times then one needs equipment to support their independence. A lift chair allows one to get up and down into their seat safety, a cane or rollator (walker) ensures balance for walking and standing, oxygen or CPAP machines to easy problems breathing.  Reachers, braces, incontinent pads, and many other products are aides of daily living that help keep people mobile and independent.

 Many people think that their insurance will pay for any equipment or supplies that their physician prescribes.  This is not a given.  Once a prescription is secured, check with a DME (durable medical equipment) provider and have them verify with your insurance carrier or benefit program of approval, before purchasing.  You may have to pay privately in some situations.

 Developing a good relationship with a DME provider will ensure that when a need arises, the process to verify coverage will be easier.

 Many DME providers also have arrangements with contractors who are able to build ramps at your home or other home modifications to allow one to stay in their home longer. This investment will sometimes increase the resale value of the home.