Q- How do I know what services the person I’m caring for needs?

  1. The best way to determine appropriate services is to educate yourself first. Go to seminars that cover caregiver issues and make yourself a resource. Then you will be able to help the person make their decisions.

Q- How can I best help someone?

  1. The primary thing most people want from caregivers is to be reassured that the caregiver will be there for them. You need to make it clear that you will be there when they need your help and give them the information and available services so they can make good decisions.

Q- How do I determine my role as a caregiver?

  1. Listen. Talk with the person and take their lead. If they trust you to be a caregiver, they will let you into their decision-making process. Be careful not to make any decisions for the person, but to support the decisions they make.

Q- Where do I find the best information and referral sources?

  1. We understand the frustration caregivers feel in not knowing where to start when looking for needed services. Caregiver Resources Group, LLC is here for you. We will be your First Call – Every time.